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Requirements for Becoming a Registered Nurse (RN)


The job of a registered nurse is to provide critical supporting care to patients by working closely with healthcare professionals and physicians. They help patients, families and communities to stay healthy and prevent illness or disease. These nurses are the major workers in the healthcare industry and are responsible for many daily activities. (more…)

Top College Programs for Massage Therapists

There is a belief that if one desires to attain a certain goal he/she must have a higher aim. If one aims for the best he/she will at least accomplish the goal. Massage therapy is a career that is gradually increasing in popularity. It is due to the fact that many individuals for various reasons are turning towards alternative methods of healing ailments. Among the main reasons, one is that with time the desire for health and wellness is increasing. Following are considered to be the top college programs for massage therapists. (more…)

Can Women Work as Civil Engineers?


This has been a long standing debate over the decades on whether woman can add value to the economy as men do and the answer has been becoming clearer as the years go by. Women can indeed make a positive difference and add value and worth to the economy and this can be seen by the increase in number of working women. (more…)

Demand of CT Technologists in Health care

A CT (Computerized Tomography) technologist is a healthcare professional who uses specialized imaging equipment to take internal scans or images of patients to provide treatment and diagnoses. These CT machines are used when surface or external scans of patients are unable to determine the root cause of the patient’s condition, illness, injury and so on.

CT Scans and similar equipment are critical components of medicine and healthcare in the sense that they are used to not just provide medical (more…)

What is Autism?

Autism is a disease which affects the developmental stage of the brain which is communication and social interaction skills. Autism is also known as the autism spectrum disorder because, whatever the age is, people with Autism share the same complexity but that complexity affects different patients in different ways.